Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another day, another hour of scribbling.

I think I hate arms worse than hands. I never have a good place to put them. I threw some test colors just to see what I might do for shading But they are basically random. She won't have red hair. Prolly black.  Can't decide whether I want her holding something or not. Or even what I really want to do with the outfit.

Also, havent put her wings in yet. Here's hoping I'll have more time to doodle tomorrow.


  1. this is looking great, keep at it im itrested to see the final result ;)

  2. good work! you have potential

    best of luck to you and your blog,

  3. That looks really good. Unfortunately, I do have to say *giggle* "Boobies"

  4. (in response to your comment you left me)

    awesome colours you got :P

    I was blue, green, gold, orange lol

  5. Well of course boobies. I have to keep myself interested don't I? :p

  6. you just need to think of random poses for arms. ones that seem natural. but it looks like its coming along very nicely.