Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Herpty Derpty Sat on his Wall.

Finally got 2 hours in to fool around with doodles. So I redid her pose just about completely and threw in some quick test colors. I fairly happy with it, just need to fine tune her hand, the details of the outfit then once I'm happy with that I'll do the outline over nice, Then maybe some real colors and shading.

I went with smallish bat wings instead of big ones cause I don't want them to take focus away from her, and small wings seem more feminine I guess. I'm debating in my mind whether I want to give her a tail or not.

Also and interesting design I felt like sharing from Dragon Age 2:

Flemeth (the white haired one) has some really cool hair horns (shes a dragon and has horns like her hair is) and I've always liked circlets/faceframes for power ladies.

I've seen hair horns before and always liked them. They work for monster ladies even better than actual horns imo. Check out this real life example from Ophelias Overdose, she's pretty rad:

I used to draw about 6 hours a day a few years ago, and I'm starting to shake the cobwebs out and get back into it.  I need to get back into quick sketching.  I'm sure the tons of models on deviant art can help me out.

Side note: I'm heading back to Vancouver tomorrow to see how feasible it would be for a broke ass loser to get some kind of magic "go to art school for free*" deal.

*Nothing is free


  1. Ophelias is indeed pretty rad. The character's looking good. I vote for a tail.

  2. Wow great blog! Im totally gonna start following you regularly! check out my blog too if youd like!

  3. i dont really dig ridiculously long horns, i like flemeth's ones way more

  4. Nice post, I like the picture with the hair.

    + followed:)